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Daegu's delicatessen
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Daegu's delicatessen
Spicy "Dukbokki"
: Cooked flour dough in sweet red pepper sauce
The dukbokki of Daegu is very different from the typical dukbokki in Korea, in that this dish consists of only cooked flour dough and bits of cabbage smothered in a spicy sauce. Mrs Ok Hyeon Yoon started selling this unique kind of dukbokki in 1976 at Shinchon Market, and it was nicknamed the "dukbokki drug," as it became renowned for its remarkable and addictive taste. Spices such as red pepper powder, curry, and pepper not only stimulate your palate, but are so strong they can even make you dizzy. It is different also due to the fact that it is mostly composed of sauce or very red broth (not even a piece of spring onion) with just pieces of cooked flour dough amidst this "sea of sauce". This delicacy of Daegu is also made with fried glass noodle dumplings and fried fish cake, which you dip in the sauce and eat. Daegu dukbokki has always been very popular among the people of Daegu who love extremely spicy food, and when the spiciness of the dukbokki was introduced as a diet aid through the media, its popularity spread throughout the country. Subsequently, many types of spicy dukbokki have appeared in Daegu, such as Emperor Dukbokki, Shinchon Grandma's Dukbokki, Shin Rice Cake, Shinchon Emperor Dukbokki, and many more, and they have all become very popular in other cities.
Dongseongno Tteokbokki 053-424-8716 19-7, Dongseong-ro, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea Detail View

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Daechan Mat


“Daechan Mat” (“spicy and savory taste”) is a joint brand of Daegu cuisine. It denotes the spirit of Daegu citizens particularly including scholars, who have overcome national crises with their iron will. Their tough spirit is reflected in the flavors of the city’s dishes, which are well-known for their assertive, substantial and wonderful taste. Daegu’s dishes are filled with flavor and delight!

Daegu, a City of Taste
Daegu's 10 Best Dishes
Daegu's 10 Best Dishes
Here are the Top 10 Dishes that represent Daegu's cuisine. Daegu has its unique culinary culture with regional characteristics. Therefore, we selected a list of dishes which have been originated in this region, loved by local people since the mid-1940s, or which can be tasted only here in Daegu.
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