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Daegu, a City of Taste
Daegu's 10 Best Dishes

대구 10味 Daegu's 10 Best Dishes

Daegu's 10 Best Dishes
Here are the Top 10 Dishes that represent Daegu's cuisine. Daegu has its unique culinary culture with regional characteristics. Therefore, we selected a list of dishes which have been originated in this region, loved by local people since the mid-1940s, or which can be tasted only here in Daegu.
Daegu yukgaejang or ttarogukbap
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Daegu Ttarogukbap
Daegu yukgaejang or ttarogukbap
:Daegu-style spicy beef soup
For over fifty years, Daegu has been the only place in Korea where rice and soup are usually eaten separately, whereas other regions customarily mix their rice and soup together. In Korean, "ttaro" means "separate" and "gukbap" means "soup and rice". Putting them together to form the Korean compound word "ttarogukbap," the meaning becomes "rice and soup served separately". This dish, which is only found in Daegu, is made with beef shank, leek, and radish cooked in a broth with plenty of red pepper powder and chopped garlic. It has an unrivaled aftertaste that is both spicy and refreshing. Its flavor is the epitome of Daegu's unique "spicy and burning" taste. In particular, during the Korean War, this dish was immensely popular among refugees who poured in from all over the nation. Ttarogukbap is unique in that it is a combination of gomguk (thick beef bone soup) and yukgaejang (spicy chopped beef soup with various other ingredients).
Daedeok Restaurant 82-53-656-8111 443, Apsansunhwan-ro, Nam-gu, Daegu
Gukil Ttarogukbap 82-53-253-7623 571, Gukchaebosang-ro, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea

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